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About Us

Arrow Properties is headed by Real Estate Gurus with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Over the course of our existence, we have accumulated and trained a team of seasoned industry experts for all of our service branches (Arrow Brokerage, Consulting, Development, and Financial).

Our vast knowledge of the real estate industry and its intricacies allow us to develop world-class properties, making the best use of the available land and other resources. We specialize in dealing with multifamily real estate, hotels, motels, retail spaces, office spaces, land and industrial spaces.
Our brokerage services division is comprised of industry experts that give you the best value when you want to buy, sell or lease commercial property.

Our knowledge regarding real estate zoning laws, city laws and restrictions is extensive. Our understanding of the real estate market of the Inland Empire and surrounding areas helps us conduct extensive feasibility studies for our clients, build wealth for them, and optimally manage their real estate assets. We even finance your project through our own financial branch, Arrow Financial.

We stick by you during every crucial property related decision – acquisition, selling, leasing and more. Our goal is to generate as much ROI for you as possible.

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