4 Interview Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent during Listing Consultation

Mar 09,2018  Arrow Properties

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There’s no denying the fact that a real estate agent can make or break things when you decide to buy or sell a home. This is a big decision, and surely you would like to choose the most qualified person for the job. Below we have outlined the top four interview questions that you must ask realtors to suss out the most suitable one for you.

Question #1: How long you have been in the real estate business?

Various studies show that more than 85 percent of brokers and realtors are homeowners. That’s why you must ask potential agents whether working as a real estate agent is their full-time job or just a gig. Also, make sure to ask them how many years of hands-on experience they have. It may sound like an obvious question, but surprisingly around 73 percent sellers and buyers don’t ask agents about their total experience. Remember, you aren’t appointing your neighbor’s kid to prune the flowers or rake your leaves, so don’t hire an agent solely on your gut feeling.

The standard thinking is that experienced realtors are more productive and intelligent than new agents, as they perfectly understand your needs, know your market, address your concerns, and act in an ethical manner. Well, it’s true but not entirely. Freshly licensed agents are as good as established ones and can be a great partner throughout the entire process. Newer realtors tend to have more time and thereby can give you full attention. However, they must have access to competent mentors in order to carry themselves throughout the start-up phase.

Question #2: What are the things that stand you out from your competitors?

Remember, every real estate agent has different nature, work ethics, and skill sets. Many experts say that most consumers seek for the realtors who are assertive, excellent negotiators, good communicators, honest, and analytical as well as friendly.

According to Cheryl Eidinger, a real estate expert, people need to look for an agent who isn’t afraid to say “NO.” She explained that customers don’t want a pushy salesperson, but a reliable teammate with whom they can have meaningful conversations. Ask an agent if his license is in good standing. You can check his certification yourself with the help of your state’s Department of Real Estate.

Question #3: What is your marketing plan or strategy?

Agents utilize many strategies to create a smooth road map that leads to success while satisfying their customers’ needs. Here are some questions that buyers must ask potential agents:

  • How will you search for my new home?

  • How many other buyers are you representing currently?

  • Will I be competing against other buyers?

  • How will you handle multiple purchasers?

  • What if I’m unhappy with your service?

  • Will you show me sale-by-owner properties too?

If you are a seller, then ask the following questions to the realtor:

  • Specifically, what steps will you take to sell my home?
  • Will you help me to evaluate ROI?
  • How will you advertise my home to potential buyers?
  • What kind of photography do you offer?
  • Will you help in staging the property?
  • What will you do after taking the listing?
  • Will you suggest improvements that could lift price?

In addition to these, both buyer and seller must ask the realtors to provide them with the names and contact numbers of past customers who have consented to become references.

Question #4: What are your sales statistics?

Another most constituent information that you need is the agent’s sales stats. Many experts suggest that it is vital check a realtor’s average list price to sales price ratio. This ratio is determined by dividing the final sale price by the recent listing price. If the value is over 100 percent, it means the property is sold at a higher value than the listing price. Ask these following questions to know an agent’s track record:

How many buyers and seller customers have you worked with?

  • How many buyers and seller customers have you worked with?

  • How many deals have you closed in my neighborhood in last two years?

  • Has a consumer ever filed a complaint against you?

  • Can you provide me the contact information of your last five clients?

Bottom Line:

Before making a final decision, you must discuss the financial matters with your real estate agent. Ask the following questions to an agent:

  • How much is your fees or commission?

  • Will you handle all my transactions?
  • Will you delegate some responsibilities to an administrative assistant?
  • What are the terms and conditions of the agreement?

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