5 Commercial Real Estate Investment Tips you didn’t know

Feb 01,2017  Arrow Properties

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Smart Real Estate investments yield amazingly high ROI but in order to get to that level you need to be experienced and cautious with the money, make minimal errors and know a good opportunity when it presents itself to you. Here are some additional tips that might just help you get rich by investing in commercial property.

Learn these important Investment Terms

They will come in handy every step of the way.

Cap Rate

Also known as capitalization rate, it is the estimated the value of properties that produce income. You will need to know the cap rate of different properties while selecting a winner among them.

Cash on Cash

Understanding cash on cash comes in handy for investors that are planning to get the commercial property they want to acquire, financed. A real estate finance professional will help you understand cash on cash.


Net Operating Income is the amount of profit the property is estimated to generate in the first year after the operational costs have been paid for.

Pen, Paper and a Plan

Jotting a plan down will help you set priorities, stay within your budget and not lose sight of the big picture. Be sure to include details like your spending limit, the amount of profit you want to make within a given time frame, the kind of commercial property you are willing to invest in, whether you are willing to invest in property in a different state or not, etc.

Recognize buying and selling opportunities

You will not be given a golden investment opportunity on a silver platter, you will, in fact, have to take many metric and analytical factors into account before investing in a commercial property. That said, you’ll also have to think on your feet or the opportunity will pass you by. Now pay attention to the next point.

Get an insider on your side

Local real estate brokers always know a few things you can’t expect a layman to know. Look for a reliable broker in the area you want to invest in and ask them as many questions as you can about the property, seller, buyer, location, or terms of the deal.

Follow an Ethical Code

Look for credible buyers and sellers; that is important for your credibility as well as for the purpose of building strong business relationships. Pay the tax collector his share, adhere to zoning and city laws and follow the transaction properly.

No doubt, commercial real estate is where the money is, but it takes hard work and wise decision making to make it big in commercial real estate investing.

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