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In-depth Commercial Real Estate consultation – Individual research and Feasibility Study.

Arrow Properties’ real estate consulting branch offers full-service consulting by seasoned real estate experts from Rancho Cucamonga. Our consulting services are designed to ensure you carry out every real estate buying, selling, leasing and developmental decision adhering to the applicable legal, zoning and city laws. Through consultation, you will be able to take informed decisions regarding your property or the property you wish to acquire, lease or develop.

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Our consultation services include independent research extensive and client focused guidance.

If you own a property or wish to acquire one, through our client-focused guidance services and market intelligence, we offer recommendations for the best possible commercial use of the property. Essentially, we answer these questions for you:

  • What the land or building is good for with regards to a certain project
  • What you should build on the land you own or want to acquire
  • What you should do with a building you own

In addition, we could also negotiate with the city to amend zoning or licensing laws and make them work in your favor.

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